sweet summertime


sweet summertime

It's Summer! Kids are out of school, no schedules or alarm clocks..just wide open days ahead. 

We wake up around 8:30 {which is a dream} then Gene and I have coffee together on the porch. We will take turns going for a run to the lake to wake up our legs, and stay in shape. ;) 

The boys will make their own cereal and either watch cartoons, play legos, or play outside. Georgia Summers are H O T, so the morning is the time to get outside before it gets unbearable. I'll water the plants, pull weeds, or turn the compost. Mornings are our favorites. 


The boys are constantly eating, but i've found the watermelon keeps them full in between meals without completely filling them up. Sure, it has sugar, but it's better than chips! 


After morning chores and breakfast we have been going down to the lake. The boys burn off some energy while I get to sit in the sun, {which is mamas happy time}. We head back up to the house around lunchtime. After lunch they are pretty tired, but would never admit it. I send them to their rooms Monday-Friday to read/relax/draw for 30 minutes. I usually make plans for after reading time because I know they are ready for an activity. We either have a playdate, errands to run, or go to the community pool. Around 4:30 it's time to head home and get showered and dinner started. While I cook dinner they will play legos, basketball, or soccer. They are only allowed to do their iPads Saturdays and Sundays, which was hard at first, but now I'm so proud for enforcing that! Our quality of life is just better without all the screen time. It's a totally different vibe up here compared to Alpharetta. There isn't a whole lot to do, which I love-but the kids get bored easily. We are still discovering our new town and learning something new everyday! 


Our coffee + cocktails spot.


This year I planted my herbs in a large galvanized tub instead of pots. Gene drilled holes in the bottom to allow the water to drain. They have been doing great! I love collecting fresh herbs for meals we cook, Adds so much flavor! 


My first Compost pile! Growing up we always had one in the backyard. Since we have about an acre here, I figured I had plenty of room to make my own! We are getting the soil ready for a Fall garden bed. 

I have a galvanized bucket in the kitchen that we will fill up throughout the day. Egg shells, Coffee grinds, coffee filters, banana peels, apple cores, watermelon...If it comes from the earth, you can compost it. No meat, cheese, or dairy products. After dinner the boys take turns walking the bucket out back to the compost pile and dumping it. About twice a week, I will turn the soil using a pitchfork and shovel. Hoping to have enough soil to plant some veggies!! 


With all of the responsibility of having a new home, somedays its hard to get away. I would stay home all day, everyday if the boys weren't going' crazy!


What are you doing this Summer to keep the kids and yourself happy? 

Shot with Love,



DIY Farmhouse curtains!


DIY Farmhouse curtains!

Hey friends!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately! As most of you know we recently moved up to the country and things have been pretty crazy! You can see my previous post to get caught up. :) 

We have been in our home for about a month now. We closed and got straight to work. We haven't done any major updates, but we have painted a lot, landscaped, and made some curtains! Today i'm going to show you how I did it on a super budget! 

Curtains are expensive. I knew the look I wanted, but definitely did not have the funds to go to Pottery Barn to get it. My husband and I agreed to do cash-only home projects. There is NO need to go into debt for things like this, so let me introduce you to Drop Cloth curtains~

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Living Room

Living Room


What you'll need: {copy + paste link to see my sources}

-6x9 Drop Cloth panels from Lowes/Amazon/Home Depot 


-Clip Rings


-curtain rod:



1. Measure your windows. 

The 6x9 panels worked great for our windows. Since I like to hang the curtain rod closer to the ceiling, I need extra lengthy panels to create the drapery look. 

2. Wash, Bleach, and Iron

The tutorial I read didn't have the bleach option, but I wanted my panels a little lighter in color, so the bleach brightened them up a bit! Throw them in the dryer and then iron out any wrinkles before hanging.

3. Cut

This also wasn't in the original tutorial I read, but the panels in my opinion, were way too wide (and heavy) for certain windows. I cut the panels in half at the middle seam. This saved even more money since I was getting 2 panels from 1 drop cloth! For bigger spaces and larger windows, like our living room, I used the entire drop cloth for 1 panel. To add some detail, fold the top over for layered curtains. {see example in Living room set} 

4. Hang 'em up! 

I went for the no sew option. You could sew up the seams and edges making it look even more professional while also creating holes for real curtain rings, but instead I used the ones with clips! They make it so much easier AND the best part is, when the curtains get dog hair, sticky fingers, mud, etc..you can just un-clip and throw them in the washing machine! Kid-proof, dog-proof, LIFE proof curtains! 

Our Basement Entertainment Room {with Saturday morning cartoons. :) 

Our Basement Entertainment Room {with Saturday morning cartoons. :) 

I hope this was helpful and gave y'all some inspiration to make your own farmhouse curtains! Comment below with any questions! 

Shot with Love,

~Sarah <3 


home sweet home


home sweet home

FINALLY! We are finally homeowners!

Where do I even begin? What a crazy, long, rollercoaster of a journey this has been. Most of you already know *some* of this story, but if you don't, here is a re-cap. Back in June 2017 we went under contract in a new subdivision in Dawsonville. Gene (my husband) picked an amazing lot, I chose the floor plan, kitchen upgrades, floors, etc. We were building a house! It was a dream come true! They told us before we signed the contract that it would take anywhere between 3-5 months for the house to be completed. HAH. What a big fat joke. Us being first time home buyers {and builders}, were blindsided by the shiny new construction that we agreed. We were living with family at the time in Alpharetta. This was a huge blessing as we were able to save money for the house and we wouldn't be tied down to a lease once the house was finished. We decided we would register the boys at their new school and could suck it up and drive them for those said "3-5 months." We didn't want them to change schools mid-year, I mean right? We were just trying to do what was best for the kiddos. But keep in mind..Alpharetta to Dawsonville is about 45 minutes..each way...for 7 months..It.was.rough. 

3 months passed and the foundation was finally poured, but that was about it. Framing soon went up, then everything else started moving fairly quickly. Every time we went to visit something else was getting done. It was a relief that we could see the finish line. The holidays came and went, still no closing date. FINALLY after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we were given a closing date, January 21st. Sweet, it was still WAY off schedule, but we were just happy to see the light. We were only 2 weeks away from closing, yay! Then the unthinkable happened. Remember back in January when it was freaking freezing? Like 2 degrees freezing? Yeah... well, some contractor left the water main ON at the house and a pipe froze...and then burst. We went over to check on things and the entire house was flooded, top to bottom. Water spewing through the ceilings, all of the cabinets were ruined, even the breaker box was covered in ice. The city came out to turn off the water main and advised us not to buy that house. We were devastated. If you are a homeowner, you know that water always wins. This house will forever have mold problems, and we knew we would be stupid to buy this house after witnessing a major flood. God did not want us to live in this house, and even though it broke my heart, I knew he was right.

After mourning the loss of the house we had so patiently waited for, worked so hard for, invested nothing but time and money for, we knew it was time to say goodbye. In February the builder offered us another house in the neighborhood. The other home was around the same square footage and had a lot of the same upgrades I had picked out for the original home. It wasn't ours, but It was our best choice at the time. We signed the contract for the other home, which was about 95% completed. The builder told us we would be able to close by the end of February. Another big. fat. joke.

Long story short, nope. God didn't want us to buy that one either! They had to move the sewer,{um ok?} which was taking months! Then Gene had a fraudulent charge pop up on his credit, THEN our original Mortgage guy told us we were no longer approved! WTF is happening?! All that time wasted, all those miles driving, I was defeated, exhausted, and losing all faith in ever becoming a homeowner. I think the hardest part was that none of it was our fault. We had done everything we were supposed to do. We had taken each step of the home buying process to heart and acted upon it. It was just gut wrenching to go through all of this drama! Weeks after weeks went by, I was stalking my realtor.com App and meeting my sweet realtor at what felt like hundreds of properties, still no house.

Back in March something super cute popped up on the market. It was an older home, had tons of character, the space we wanted, and it was right next to Lake Lanier! Before we could even go see it, it was already under contract. Ugh, another slap in the face! Our realtor knew we really liked it, so she kept an eye on it for us. Another week goes by and guess what! It was for sale again, the offer had fallen through. We immediately went to take a look and fell in love, it felt like home. We went to put an offer in and BAMB... Mortgage guy said nope, because of the damn Fraud on our credit. WTF. We disputed the charge with all three credit bureaus, filed a police report, did every little thing we were supposed to do in a situation like that and he still wouldn't help us. Guess what happened? Someone else got the house. MORE weeks go by and we found a new mortgage guy, thank God, who is absolutely amazing. We were good to shop again, but still hadn't found a house. THEN the cute lake house went BACK on the market. This was all happening for some reason, only God knew, but I was listening. We immediately put in an above asking price offer hoping that would help our chances. We were up against 3 other buyers, so it was competitive. We waited and waited for a counter offer, a NO, or just anything! Our realtor called us and told us the seller was going with another buyer. Ok, whatever, my skin was so tough by now I was numb to anything.  A few hours go by...I'm sitting in car pool line on a Friday afternoon, probably looking at apartments, then Gene calls me and says the lake house seller had accepted our offer instead. Wait, what? I thought he went with another buyer? Well turns out the other buyer didn't respond quickly enough so he signed our offer instead! We were thrilled, terrifed, happy, excited..every emotion came over me on that Friday afternoon. 

Our realtor put together an amazing plan with a quick close! Was this it? Were we finally going to move? I was so hesitant and so was my husband. I didn't say a word to anyone {besides family and super close friends} since we had gotten so burned before. I didn't even want to get a tiny bit excited because I knew it could all get taken away. We proceeded with the steps; contract signing, earnest money, etc. It was becoming more real every day. We invested time and money in home inspections and appraisals with the closing table getting closer each day.  I woke up each morning and made the choice to give it all to God and let him worry about it. I was done worrying, stressing, and controlling, because that got me nowhere. He had a plan for my family before I even had a plan for my family, so I might as well let him take the wheel and show me! During inspections we hit a pretty big hick-up that was disclosed in the beginning, but we didn't think anything of it. The home was built in the late 80's, so it had Polybutylene piping throughout the home. If you know older homes, you know poly is a major defect that needs to be addressed. While on our Spring Break vacation, we were getting quotes from plumbers to get the piping replaced. Thank God our realtor was able to negotiate with the seller. New pipes can cost anywhere between $4K-$6K. The seller agreed to pay half, but not until after closing. New plumbing pipes aren't as exciting as paint or a new kitchen, but pretty necessary. ;) 

If you are in the home buying process, or thinking about being homeowner, these quotes got me through the hardest days!

"If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know it when you find it."
-Steve Jobs
"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stoke of luck."
-The Dalai Lama 
"One step back does not mean defeated- It just means that you will take the same step forward again...but wiser this time."
"The ache for home lives in al of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."
-Maya Angelou
With all of that to say, (sorry for the rant) my point of sharing this is to voice that buying a home isn't as glamorous or easy as people make it look on Social Media. Sure, you want to share the good parts, but the if the bad things are what gets you there, shouldn't we share that, too? Also, I'm never moving again...and perhaps thats why God had us wait so long for this house, because after we renovate and update and get it just how we want it, it can be our forever home. It turns out 3rd is a charm after all , and I wouldn't change this past year for anything because it led us to our perfect Hunter Home. <3
ok squint and imagine the exterior painted white with black shutters with a tin roof. Thats the plan!&nbsp;

ok squint and imagine the exterior painted white with black shutters with a tin roof. Thats the plan! 


Spring Decor


Spring Decor

Last week I freshened up our little apartment for Spring! If i've learned anything over the years of being a mom and wife, it's that I don't need to spend a lot of money to decorate for a new season/holiday. I went shopping IN my house. Re-arranging everyday items into a new spot will give you a fresh look. 

White Tiered Tray: Hobby Lobby&nbsp;  EGGCELLENT plate: Rae Dunn, Home Goods&nbsp;  Wooden Eggs: Target Dollar spot  Faux plants: Ikea&nbsp;

White Tiered Tray: Hobby Lobby 

EGGCELLENT plate: Rae Dunn, Home Goods 

Wooden Eggs: Target Dollar spot

Faux plants: Ikea 

Happy Spring plate: Rae Dunn, Home Goods&nbsp;  White bunny: Target dollar spot&nbsp;  Faux Greenery: Michaels&nbsp;

Happy Spring plate: Rae Dunn, Home Goods 

White bunny: Target dollar spot 

Faux Greenery: Michaels 

The house isn't the only thing that needs Spring Cleaning. My kids arts and crafts area was a hot mess all winter long. My boys love to draw and do crafts, so I needed everything to be in one spot. 

Wooden Toolbox: Ikea US$9.99  Mason Jars {diffeent sizes} Target + Kroger

Wooden Toolbox: Ikea US$9.99

Mason Jars {diffeent sizes} Target + Kroger

Gingham Pillows:&nbsp;Target Dollar Spot

Gingham Pillows: Target Dollar Spot

I love to use throw pillows to freshen up any space. Its cheap, easy, and comfy, hah! I used the Gingham pillows on our bar stools to add a pop of color to our kitchen.

If you are going to spruce up your house for Spring, I would suggest picking a color palette and sticking to it. I chose whites, greens, and wood accents. I kept the colors cohesive throughout each space. Faux greenery is so versatile and you can re-use it for each season in different ways! 


Running into Summer


Running into Summer

Me: "So they say Summer bodies are made in Winter, right? Ugh. Here we go! 5 weeks until Spring Break and the pressure is ON." 

That is how I used to work out. Counting down the days until I had to put a bikini on. Starving myself of anything yummy. Basically being a miserable woman till I fit into that size 6. But over the past 2 years, things have changed for me. Running has become apart of my lifestyle. I now run in the freezing temps, I run in the rain, I run in 98 degrees, I even run on the treadmill {which is total torture for me.} I run ALL YEAR LONG. I stopped making excuses and started making plans. This blog post could go on for hours talking about how running has changed my life, but I won't bore you all with that. Let's stick with the facts here. 

1. Running is the best sport ever. 

Ok, most people hate running, which I totally get. It hurts, it's long, it takes awhile to see any results. After running for only 4 weeks, I noticed ALL of these things happening to me.

  1. weight loss
  2. stress relief 
  3. strength
  4. awesome sleep
  5. clearer skin
  6. happiness
  7. healthy heart
  8. eased my anxiety 
  9. burn fat 
  10. better sex

Once I reaped all of these benefits from running, I never looked back. I never quit, I never stopped. Sure, some weeks during busy season with Photography I had to cut back a little because my editing was more important. During the holidays instead of running 5 miles, I would only run 2. But I have always practiced running. I'm not fast, I've never won a race, I'm a still a size 8 jeans..but who cares. I'm happy, I'm strong, and I'm healthy

Everyone is different, so I'm not saying this would work for you or even for her, but it worked for me, so I hope I can inspire someone to change their life, too. 

Running Plan for Beginners: 

  1. Run 3 days a week. Monday: 1 mile Wednesday: 3 Miles Friday: 1.5 Miles 
  2. Cross train 2 days a week. Tuesday: Spinning/Swimming Thursday: Hiking/Weights/Yoga
  3. Pick one weekend day to run/walk {1 hour long}
  4. Do NOT worry about your pace unless you are training for a race. Run at your own speed.
  5. Repeat for 2 weeks and then increase your mileage on MWF by 1 mile. 
  6. You will be on your way to becoming a Runner! I still use this same training after running for 3 years. It is consistent and helps my body get ready for whatever is next! 

Favorite Running Trails in the ATL area:

  1. Big Creek Greenway {Alpharetta + Cumming entrances}
  2. Riverside Park {Roswell}
  3. Sweet Apple Park {Roswell} 
  4. Wills Park {Alpharetta} 
  5. Milton High School Cross Country Trail {Milton} 
  6. Amicalola State Park {Dawsonville} 
  7. Vickery Creek Trail {Roswell}
  8. Sawnee Mountain {Cumming}
  9. Wood Road {Milton}

Best Running Gear:

Running is proven to be one of the cheapest sports out there. All you need is a great pair of shoes and a kick ass playlist. Of course, you can get the most trendy equipment on the market, but it's not necessary. These are my top 5 picks that I use daily!

  1. Brooks Launch Running Shoe: Shop around for the best price! I order mine from Zappos. For any newbies out there, PLEASE go get sized at a local Running store! They will tell you what type of shoe you need based on how you run on their treadmill. This is SO important because so many runners are wearing the wrong shoe, which results in injuries. If you take any of this away today, take this piece of advice! 

2. LuLu Lemon Running pants. They are exspenive, but will last forever. Quality over quantity, y'all. 


3. Dry-fit tops. They keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Best brands are Nike and Under Armour. 


4. Nike Apple Watch. My pride and joy! This baby helps me keep track of my pace, calories burned, and has my favorite playlists on it! 


5. Bang busters. Nothing is more distracting than your ponytail falling out on mile 3. My hair kept me so distracted on my runs that I always use these now! Also, ladies...If you wear your hair in a bun/top knot while running, it won't stay. Stick to the classic pony tail with a thicker hair tie. 


I could never go for a run without my Apple Music playlists. I've been running to this one over the past few weeks!





Essential Oils 101


Essential Oils 101

Hi friends~

If you are interested in Essential Oils but don't know where to start, this post is for you! I started my oil journey about a year ago and it has been absolutely amazing! I'm not going to lie, when I first signed up I was hesitant that these voodoo oils would actually work. I mean, everyone was telling me that they would, but I was convinced it was just about making some money. Boy, was I wrong!! 

My friend Kirsten Zimmerman, who is now a Silver leader for Young Living, was the one who convinced me. She answered every question I had and met me for multiple coffee dates so I could touch, smell, and experience the oils before I committed. 

I received my Starter Kit and immediately starting using them. The first one I gravitated to was Lavender. I struggle with anxiety and instead of using prescription drugs, I wanted to use something natural and safe. By applying Lavender on my wrists and neck everyday already had reduced my anxiety. I also used this for my oldest Son. He had been having a really hard year and was lashing out at home. Throwing huge temper tantrums, hitting his brother, yelling at me and my Husband..the list goes on. We were in a stressful living environment at the time and I'm still convinced his anxiety stemmed from mine. Between both of us wearing Lavender and diffusing it after school, he was back to my sweet little boy. It was a God send to my family and I.

After only ONE week of oiling, I was convinced these oils were magic. I stopped questioning them, I quit doubting the affects it would have on me and my family, It was the answer to my prayers and the rest is history. We use oils every single day in our household. Between cooking, mental health, bedtime routines, and natural remedies for medicines, I will always support Young Living! I would love for you to join a fun community of oily ladies and start oiling at your house!

Young Living Premium Starter Kit



  • Premium Essential Oils Collection

    • Lavender 5-ml

    • Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml

    • Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml

    • Copaiba Vitality™ 5-ml

    • Frankincense 5-ml

    • Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml

    • Purification® 5-ml

    • R.C.™ 5-ml

    • DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml

    • PanAway® 5-ml

  • Stress Away™ 5-ml

  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment

  • 10 Sample Packets

  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards

  • 10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles

  • 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples

  • Product Guide and Product Price List

  • Essential Oil Magazine

  • Essential Edge

  • Member Resources

  • Your choice of Home or Dew Drop diffuser

US$160.00 {plus tax and shipping}

How to Order:

1. go to my website; www.getoiling.com/sarahhunter

2. click "place an order" in the top right corner. Make sure you sign up to be a wholesale member so you can order 24% off retail price! 

3. Pick the Premium Starter Kit with choice of Diffuser

4. Select your shipping method & checkout! Your starter kit will be delivered at your doorstop before you know it! 

5. I would LOVE to grab coffee with you and discuss more oily stories! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I would love to help you! :) 


*I will also be hosting some fun oil parties and events in the near future! Shoot me an email if you want to be on the guest list!*



DIY Self Portraits


DIY Self Portraits

"Your handwriting, The way you walk, which china pattern you choose. It's all giving you away. Everything you do shows your hand. Everything is a self- portrait."

--Chuck Palahniuk


Self portraits are about more than your appearance. They are more than just a pretty profile picture. They show others who you are and who you want to be. When you are creating or building a brand, it is essential to be authentic in your imagery. I want to share some of my favorite tips with you so you can create your own photography, too! 

  1. Be yourself. Don't replicate another creatives portrait. Sure, it would be much easier to go on Instagram or Pinterest to make a replica, but creating your own will have so much more reward to your brand. 
  2. Relax. Put a pair of headphones on or jam out with your bose speaker. Shoot, if it's later in the day, have a glass of wine so it chills you out a bit. Sometimes shooting self portraits is AWKWARD, but once you allow yourself to get into a zen state of mind, the ideas will start to flow. 
  3. Play with the light. This one is crucial. If shooting indoors, you need to have a direct light source. Look for windows, doors, or any kind of natural light. If shooting outdoors, look for SHADE. I always see people taking photos in the direct sunlight. Don't! This will create harsh shadows and blow out the image. If you have no shade, shoot with backlight; place the subject in front of the light source. {i.e. Stand in front of the sun with your back to the light source.} 
  4. Wear makeup. Well, obviously you would put some makeup on for your head shot. I mean really wear it, Double it up. Your everyday makeup won't show up on camera. Really apply that mascara and lipstick for extra dimension. 
  5. Shoot Candid. Have fun, twirl your dress, laugh, ALWAYS be moving. When my clients are in one spot cheesing at the camera for longer than 30 seconds, it looks fake and uncomfortable, which will show in the final images.
  6. Have perspective. Set up the camera so it isn't looking up at you. Unless you are a baby and double chins are cute, this is never a flattering angle. Set up the camera directly in front of you or above you for the most flattering angle. 
  7. Use editing software. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for my professional work. When I shoot my everyday photos with my IPhone7, I edit with the VSCO app. It is magic. You can adjust the exposure, contrast, and saturation. Save it to your camera roll to share + post! 


Spring Wardrobe Capsule


Spring Wardrobe Capsule

"Style is a fascinating way to tune into who we are, understand who we are not, be creative, and express our inner selves."

~ Garance Dore


This project has been saved in my drafts for almost a year. I am so happy that I have a following that is interested in my style tips! Style has been a passion of mine since I was old enough to go to the mall. My personal style has changed and evolved over time, naturally, and I think I have finally got a grip on what my style is at 27. I have learned to stop buying the cheap + trendy pieces and stick to purchasing the quality and timeless pieces. This lesson is a hard one, but once you simplify your buying, your closet completely transforms. I have been reading a lifestyle book that has really helped me put these thoughts into writing and photography. You will see me quote the fashionista and author, Garance Dore throughout this post. She is so inspiring and has empowered me to express my personal style and not care what anyone else thinks. Style is apart of what makes you YOU and you should embrace it!

our clothes carry the message we want to convey to others, and it changes, depending on what we’re going through in our lives.
— Garance Dore

With Spring just around the corner, I have been sorting through my closet and cleaning out old items that I no longer have use for. It's so hard to go through the clutter of your closet and simplify into only 15 pieces. How can you possibly narrow down hundreds of items to just a few? I'll show you! 

  1. If you haven't worn it in 5 years, Donate Pile! No questions asked. 
  2. If it doesn't currently fit you, Donate pile!

When I was cleaning out my closet, I made two piles, and you should too! The key; use your heart and not your brain when sorting. 

Pile 1: Things I wear everyday. The pieces that give me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I pick it up and hold it (i.e; The jeans you reach for daily, your favorite sweater, that dress that makes you look thin.)

Pile 2: Everything else. (i.e; That one dress I bought for that one thing last year and haven't worn since.)

Finished? Awesome! Now get that pile 2 out of your sight! You don't need to put it in the back of your car for a Goodwill drop off, but just remove it from your closet/dressing area.

Now you are left with a pile with clothes that you LOVE. You love these clothes for a reason. Pick up each item and decide what that reason is for each piece. For example, I love my favorite jeans because the brand I buy is flattering for my body type and is good quality. Whatever your reason is for each piece, right it down or make a notes tab in your phone. Once you've gone through your adored pile 1, you will start to see a pattern. You will remember these light-bulb moments for the next time you are shopping! These new discoveries are helping you define what YOUR personal style is, and it is oh SO exciting! 

You are now at the base of your Capsule Wardrobe, yay! See? That wasn't so hard. The next part can be a little tricky because it involves creativity. Fashion is an art that everyone isn't good at. If you have a hard time with putting outfits together, Pinterest can be your best friend. Back when I was a new mama and had 2 babies, I had no time (or money) to have nice outfits. If we were invited to a birthday party or a playdate, I wanted to put on something that made me feel confident. I would go to my slim-pickin' closet and pick out a few pieces. I would go on Pinterest and type in exactly what I had in front of me for inspiration. Pinterest did the job I didn't have the creativity or time for. There are so many websites and apps these days that can help you with that part, so don't be afraid to use them! 

The final step here is to examine your Lifestyle. Fashion is a huge part of lifestyle, so it is important to have your closet reflect what you do all day long! I am a stay-at-home, business owner, running loving mama who some days doesn't even get a shower. With that being said, stilettos are not in my Pile 1, and neither are leather pants. If you are a Monday through Friday lawyer, your Pile 1 looks much different than mine. Using your lifestyle to create your capsule is important to ensure every item in your wardrobe fits your lifestyle and includes only the items you need.

You only have the clothing you love in front of you now, along with a list of items you will need to purchase to complete your capsule. I have put together my personal capsule and wanted to share mine with you! 

1.) Basic white + black tee

2.) Camisole: 



3.) Button Down: 

4.) DENIM! White jeans, ripped jeans, "nice" jeans. I picked 3 different types of denim for my capsule. Favorite brands; American Eagle, Free People, and Lucky Brand.




5.) Denim overalls. {absolutely favorite item, hands down.}


6.) Rainboots! Georgia Springs are wet, so these are on repeat weekly. 



7.) Cardigan



8.) Shirt Dresses!



9.) Athleisure 





10.) Vegan Leather Jacket



Boom! Spring Wardrobe Capsule complete! It feels *so* good to simplify my wardrobe into these few pieces! I still have a lot left in my Pile 1, but I'll accessorize with those later. ;) 

I hope this has inspired you to create a wardrobe capsule this Spring! And if it didn't, maybe it inpsired you to just clean out your closet, which is an awesome start! 

For those of you who did make your own Capsule, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to share with me! Use the hashtag #PhototiqueCapsule to share! <3 

Shot with Love,




phototique summer

What does Summer mean to you? Summer means something different to everyone. I want to capture what these fleeting summer days look and feel like through photography.

Family, freedom, water, bubbles, road trips, fresh watermelon, bicycle rides, sunsets, and ice-cream cones.

I would love to capture your summer memories! See available dates below. <3 

Sunset Sessions

Location: Caney Creek Preserve 

July 22nd: 7:00pm + 7:30pm + 8:00pm

July 23rd: 7:30pm + 8:00pm

July 29th: 7:00pm + 7:30pm + 8:00pm

30 minute portrait session + 25 high resolution images + private gallery + print release $125
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essential oil milk bath

I have been wanting to experiment with this project and I am so glad I was able to this weekend! I love to take baths and I love my essential oils. I have also been inspired to shoot some bubblebath photography, so this project was just screaming my name.

Benefits of a Milk Bath; 

  • helps soften + smooth rough, flaky skin. Milk contains lactic acid which help loosen the bond of dead skin cells. 
  • exfoliates skin without scrubbing, so don't worry about irritating your skin.
  • boost moisture; milk has fat and proteins that can help boost your skin's moisture content and keep skin hydrated even if you're done soaking. 

Combine the below ingredients into a large mason jar. After adding the milk, cornstarch, and baking soda, shake the jar to combine ingredients. Next, add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oils. Let the mixture sit for about 24 hours before use to allow the oils to completely combine.

For the kids I used 1 cup of the Milk Bath along with their favorite bubble bath.

For Mama, I added rose pedals + eucalyptus leaves in my bath. The leaves enhance the aroma of the essential oils as well as soothes irritated skin. Rosewater can also tighten pores for a smooth appearance. 

To use; Add 1-2 cups of your new Milk Bath into running hot water. Sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy!! You deserve it! 



colorful carnival minis

Colorful Carnival Mini Sessions 

October 15th,2016 

5:00pm ;5:30 pm ; 6:00pm ; 6:30pm 

20 minute session + 15 high-resolution images + online gallery