I feel compelled to write this blog post... I have had these feelings on my heart and I want to share them with you. I also want to portray another side of myself that some of you don't know...I don't want to seem perfect on social media. I'm NOT perfect and neither are any of you. Instagram has been my new love over the last few months & I am seeing a pattern. I post the photos of my day because they make me happy...I don't like to post photos or words complaining about my life, or my day...I want the people reading or following to like my posts! But I also want to keep it real...and stay humble. I started out with nothing and I need to remember this no matter how successful I become. 

My mornings are usually complete chaos. Two boys to wake up, feed breakfast, teeth-brushed, dressed, & out the door to catch the school bus. Then jump in the car and rush to carpool line. I know i'm posting pretty photos of coffee or beautiful sunrises...but honestly I am rockin' Genes sweatpants & a dirty t-shirt. Life is a grind right now. The moments I share on social media are the happy parts of my day and its how I connect with my blessings. Being a full-time stay at home mom is exhausting. My husband is working two jobs right now and is rarely home. I am trying to balance my life at home and my professional life and it is TOUGH! So many days I just want to shut everyone out so I can focus on Phototique projects..or edit..or answer an email without being interrupted six times. I know this is selfish of me, but I am really struggling with balance right now. I know this is a huge learning curve and I will eventually be where I need to be. God has done amazing things for me and my family and I owe it all to him. I continue to pray and put my faith in him when I am struggling. We are all struggling and I think thats so important to remember when you see someones Instagram account with flawless everything & 1.8K followers. I have decided that I don't want to be that person...I'm genuinely happy that people "like" my photos and people are recognizing my work. For so long I thought I wasn't talented enough to even be in this industry. I am finally at a place where I am confident in who I am and where Phototique fits in this crazy world. We all just need to keep it real & leave that fake sh*t at the door. 

Here is a little ironic story.... 

So, these two buildings in Sandy Springs are both right next to each other & they are awesome! They have both served different purposes in my life. Building no.1  is the Fulton County DFCS office. You know, where I had to go when I was 18 and pregnant for Medicaid & food stamps...it was that chapter in my life that I didn't know what was going to happen, but I knew everything would be okay someday.

Building no.2 is where I now rent photography equipment from. Every Friday when I go pick up my order, I look at building number one and smile. I smile because I knew I would eventually get where I needed to be. Call it a coincidence or call it luck, but I believe God puts this reminder in my heart on purpose. It keeps me humble and grateful. I finally decided to take this shot after my pick-up on Friday so I could share with you all. I'm not perfect, I used to use food stamps, and I rent equipment because i'm not in a place where I can own it. 

Life is full of ups and downs and I think its important to document all of it. 

"Stay Humble & Hustle Hard." << words I live by.