Last Saturday we decided to take another family adventure and head to Chattanooga. It was MLK holiday weekend and the kids were out of school on Monday.  This gave us a little more time to do fun activities! We live north of Atlanta so it only took us about 90 minutes to get to Lookout Mountain. The boys are superstars in the car now, so I love taking road trips! I told Gene, "If we ever have a baby we won't be able to do stuff like this!"

We drove to the top of Lookout Mountain and grabbed a map. We weren't sure what we wanted to do. There was Rock City, Ruby Falls, and a few other attractions. Since the weather wasn't the warmest we opted out of doing Rock City. We drove around the mountain until we found a park. We parked the car, got bundled up and walked around for a good hour! The boys found old Civil War canons, tunnels and rock walls. It was right up their alley. I was also stoked because I could get the shots I wanted from the tippy top. :) 

After exploring Lookout Mountain, we drove into the city! {mamas favorite} Of course I love nature and all of Gods amazing creations...but lately my photographic vision has been leaning towards culture and people. My 2016 mission is to photograph more lifestyle sessions, and to capture people in their natural elements. These words have really helped me find my vision as an aspiring artist. 

"I need to both hang on to my wonder and explore it from every angle until I've found the one that best allows me to communicate my vision. The more you understand what really inspires you, the more readily you can put yourself in its path." -David deChemin

We did everything the boys wanted to see & do first. After Lookout Mountain, we went to the Chattanooga Choo Choo Museum. Logan's love for trains never ceases to amaze me; it made him giddy looking at all of the engines! They got to climb on the old locomotives, play human chess and a few other games. They were pretty wiped out after, so we took them to get some hot chocolate. {& coffee for mama} 

The first coffee house we went to was called Mean Mug, a Chattanooga favorite. This coffee house was a great family environment. They had board games, dominos and lots of story time books! Logan & Noah loved spending some quiet time in this coffee house. 



After THAT coffee house we went to another one I wanted to check out, Revelator Coffee Company. Turns out we also have one in Atlanta, which is where I am now writing this blog post. ;) This coffee house wasn't family friendly. It was more for creatives who need a relaxing & peaceful place to work. White walls, leather chairs, modern designs & minimal decor creates an inspiring aesthetic. Both coffee houses & lattes are posted below. :) Next time you are in Chattanooga, go check them out! 

We walked across the Walnut Street Bridge after our first coffee break. It was AWESOME! Gene and I both really enjoyed it. Logan and Noah were pooped, so they weren't as excited about walking 2 miles. We promised them it was the last activity and that they could have french fries with dinner. ;) We made it across, finally, and at the other end was more coffee! 

I have been in the process of updating my website & brand. This trip was the perfect opportunity for some new work. I took advantage of the city environment and we shot some new Phototique stuff! I have been slowly teaching Gene the ins & outs of the technology side of photography. I controlled all of my settings, all he had to do was focus. He did pretty good; I'm so proud of him! Posting a few of my favorites below. 

There was this awesome wall across the street from Mean Mug. It started out yellow, then pink, purple and faded into blue. Such cool city art, I really can appreciate this kinda stuff. ;) 

After our day was done & the sun was setting, we sat down for dinner. We went to The Terminal Brewhouse because Gene's friend recommended it. They had a great atmosphere, craft beer, and a kids menu. It was a great meal to end our even better day! 

Chattanooga was everything I could imagine & more. This is definitely a new favorite city that will be visited again, very soon. 

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them! 

XO. Sarah