If you want gorgeous + fresh flowers in your home, this is the blog post for you! I LOVE having fresh flowers in every room of my home, but it's not always in the budget. I have a little secret for y'all...my bouquets aren't from fancy flower markets. Most of them come from Costco + Kroger! Honestly, I am not even embarrassed to say that because Costco makes BEAUTIFUL bouquets. They are always fresh and include a variety of different types of flowers, which is what we want! Next time you are at the grocery store, go to the floral department. Pick a bouquet that captures your eye. For example, I really do not like pink, so my eye was drawn towards the green + white bouquets with pops of yellow.

After you have enjoyed the bouquet for a day or two, you are going to cut open the entire bouquet and lay it on a flat surface. Kitchen scissors usually cut through the stems pretty well.

Gather some of your favorite jars, glasses or mason jars. I used about six for this bouquet.

The next step is to separate each flower by type. {ex. daises with daises + hydrangeas with hydrangeas + carnations with carnations} 

Once you have decided what flowers will go in which container, trim the stems to fit inside the jar. Pro tip: The heavier, bigger flowers last longer if you put them in a shorter jar and cut the stems short. {ex. hydrangea} 

Look at all of the arrangements I made out of ONE bouquet! I mean, how easy-peasy is that? I then disperse the containers throughout my home and enjoy them for nearly TWO weeks! Just make sure to change the water and trim the flowers every 3-5 days so they last longer. 

Enjoy fresh flowers in your home this Spring!

XO. ~Sarah