FINALLY! We are finally homeowners!

Where do I even begin? What a crazy, long, rollercoaster of a journey this has been. Most of you already know *some* of this story, but if you don't, here is a re-cap. Back in June 2017 we went under contract in a new subdivision in Dawsonville. Gene (my husband) picked an amazing lot, I chose the floor plan, kitchen upgrades, floors, etc. We were building a house! It was a dream come true! They told us before we signed the contract that it would take anywhere between 3-5 months for the house to be completed. HAH. What a big fat joke. Us being first time home buyers {and builders}, were blindsided by the shiny new construction that we agreed. We were living with family at the time in Alpharetta. This was a huge blessing as we were able to save money for the house and we wouldn't be tied down to a lease once the house was finished. We decided we would register the boys at their new school and could suck it up and drive them for those said "3-5 months." We didn't want them to change schools mid-year, I mean right? We were just trying to do what was best for the kiddos. But keep in mind..Alpharetta to Dawsonville is about 45 minutes..each way...for 7 months..It.was.rough. 

3 months passed and the foundation was finally poured, but that was about it. Framing soon went up, then everything else started moving fairly quickly. Every time we went to visit something else was getting done. It was a relief that we could see the finish line. The holidays came and went, still no closing date. FINALLY after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we were given a closing date, January 21st. Sweet, it was still WAY off schedule, but we were just happy to see the light. We were only 2 weeks away from closing, yay! Then the unthinkable happened. Remember back in January when it was freaking freezing? Like 2 degrees freezing? Yeah... well, some contractor left the water main ON at the house and a pipe froze...and then burst. We went over to check on things and the entire house was flooded, top to bottom. Water spewing through the ceilings, all of the cabinets were ruined, even the breaker box was covered in ice. The city came out to turn off the water main and advised us not to buy that house. We were devastated. If you are a homeowner, you know that water always wins. This house will forever have mold problems, and we knew we would be stupid to buy this house after witnessing a major flood. God did not want us to live in this house, and even though it broke my heart, I knew he was right.

After mourning the loss of the house we had so patiently waited for, worked so hard for, invested nothing but time and money for, we knew it was time to say goodbye. In February the builder offered us another house in the neighborhood. The other home was around the same square footage and had a lot of the same upgrades I had picked out for the original home. It wasn't ours, but It was our best choice at the time. We signed the contract for the other home, which was about 95% completed. The builder told us we would be able to close by the end of February. Another big. fat. joke.

Long story short, nope. God didn't want us to buy that one either! They had to move the sewer,{um ok?} which was taking months! Then Gene had a fraudulent charge pop up on his credit, THEN our original Mortgage guy told us we were no longer approved! WTF is happening?! All that time wasted, all those miles driving, I was defeated, exhausted, and losing all faith in ever becoming a homeowner. I think the hardest part was that none of it was our fault. We had done everything we were supposed to do. We had taken each step of the home buying process to heart and acted upon it. It was just gut wrenching to go through all of this drama! Weeks after weeks went by, I was stalking my App and meeting my sweet realtor at what felt like hundreds of properties, still no house.

Back in March something super cute popped up on the market. It was an older home, had tons of character, the space we wanted, and it was right next to Lake Lanier! Before we could even go see it, it was already under contract. Ugh, another slap in the face! Our realtor knew we really liked it, so she kept an eye on it for us. Another week goes by and guess what! It was for sale again, the offer had fallen through. We immediately went to take a look and fell in love, it felt like home. We went to put an offer in and BAMB... Mortgage guy said nope, because of the damn Fraud on our credit. WTF. We disputed the charge with all three credit bureaus, filed a police report, did every little thing we were supposed to do in a situation like that and he still wouldn't help us. Guess what happened? Someone else got the house. MORE weeks go by and we found a new mortgage guy, thank God, who is absolutely amazing. We were good to shop again, but still hadn't found a house. THEN the cute lake house went BACK on the market. This was all happening for some reason, only God knew, but I was listening. We immediately put in an above asking price offer hoping that would help our chances. We were up against 3 other buyers, so it was competitive. We waited and waited for a counter offer, a NO, or just anything! Our realtor called us and told us the seller was going with another buyer. Ok, whatever, my skin was so tough by now I was numb to anything.  A few hours go by...I'm sitting in car pool line on a Friday afternoon, probably looking at apartments, then Gene calls me and says the lake house seller had accepted our offer instead. Wait, what? I thought he went with another buyer? Well turns out the other buyer didn't respond quickly enough so he signed our offer instead! We were thrilled, terrifed, happy, excited..every emotion came over me on that Friday afternoon. 

Our realtor put together an amazing plan with a quick close! Was this it? Were we finally going to move? I was so hesitant and so was my husband. I didn't say a word to anyone {besides family and super close friends} since we had gotten so burned before. I didn't even want to get a tiny bit excited because I knew it could all get taken away. We proceeded with the steps; contract signing, earnest money, etc. It was becoming more real every day. We invested time and money in home inspections and appraisals with the closing table getting closer each day.  I woke up each morning and made the choice to give it all to God and let him worry about it. I was done worrying, stressing, and controlling, because that got me nowhere. He had a plan for my family before I even had a plan for my family, so I might as well let him take the wheel and show me! During inspections we hit a pretty big hick-up that was disclosed in the beginning, but we didn't think anything of it. The home was built in the late 80's, so it had Polybutylene piping throughout the home. If you know older homes, you know poly is a major defect that needs to be addressed. While on our Spring Break vacation, we were getting quotes from plumbers to get the piping replaced. Thank God our realtor was able to negotiate with the seller. New pipes can cost anywhere between $4K-$6K. The seller agreed to pay half, but not until after closing. New plumbing pipes aren't as exciting as paint or a new kitchen, but pretty necessary. ;) 

If you are in the home buying process, or thinking about being homeowner, these quotes got me through the hardest days!

"If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know it when you find it."
-Steve Jobs
"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stoke of luck."
-The Dalai Lama 
"One step back does not mean defeated- It just means that you will take the same step forward again...but wiser this time."
"The ache for home lives in al of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned."
-Maya Angelou
With all of that to say, (sorry for the rant) my point of sharing this is to voice that buying a home isn't as glamorous or easy as people make it look on Social Media. Sure, you want to share the good parts, but the if the bad things are what gets you there, shouldn't we share that, too? Also, I'm never moving again...and perhaps thats why God had us wait so long for this house, because after we renovate and update and get it just how we want it, it can be our forever home. It turns out 3rd is a charm after all , and I wouldn't change this past year for anything because it led us to our perfect Hunter Home. <3
ok squint and imagine the exterior painted white with black shutters with a tin roof. Thats the plan!&nbsp;

ok squint and imagine the exterior painted white with black shutters with a tin roof. Thats the plan!