It's Summer! Kids are out of school, no schedules or alarm clocks..just wide open days ahead. 

We wake up around 8:30 {which is a dream} then Gene and I have coffee together on the porch. We will take turns going for a run to the lake to wake up our legs, and stay in shape. ;) 

The boys will make their own cereal and either watch cartoons, play legos, or play outside. Georgia Summers are H O T, so the morning is the time to get outside before it gets unbearable. I'll water the plants, pull weeds, or turn the compost. Mornings are our favorites. 


The boys are constantly eating, but i've found the watermelon keeps them full in between meals without completely filling them up. Sure, it has sugar, but it's better than chips! 


After morning chores and breakfast we have been going down to the lake. The boys burn off some energy while I get to sit in the sun, {which is mamas happy time}. We head back up to the house around lunchtime. After lunch they are pretty tired, but would never admit it. I send them to their rooms Monday-Friday to read/relax/draw for 30 minutes. I usually make plans for after reading time because I know they are ready for an activity. We either have a playdate, errands to run, or go to the community pool. Around 4:30 it's time to head home and get showered and dinner started. While I cook dinner they will play legos, basketball, or soccer. They are only allowed to do their iPads Saturdays and Sundays, which was hard at first, but now I'm so proud for enforcing that! Our quality of life is just better without all the screen time. It's a totally different vibe up here compared to Alpharetta. There isn't a whole lot to do, which I love-but the kids get bored easily. We are still discovering our new town and learning something new everyday! 


Our coffee + cocktails spot.


This year I planted my herbs in a large galvanized tub instead of pots. Gene drilled holes in the bottom to allow the water to drain. They have been doing great! I love collecting fresh herbs for meals we cook, Adds so much flavor! 


My first Compost pile! Growing up we always had one in the backyard. Since we have about an acre here, I figured I had plenty of room to make my own! We are getting the soil ready for a Fall garden bed. 

I have a galvanized bucket in the kitchen that we will fill up throughout the day. Egg shells, Coffee grinds, coffee filters, banana peels, apple cores, watermelon...If it comes from the earth, you can compost it. No meat, cheese, or dairy products. After dinner the boys take turns walking the bucket out back to the compost pile and dumping it. About twice a week, I will turn the soil using a pitchfork and shovel. Hoping to have enough soil to plant some veggies!! 


With all of the responsibility of having a new home, somedays its hard to get away. I would stay home all day, everyday if the boys weren't going' crazy!


What are you doing this Summer to keep the kids and yourself happy? 

Shot with Love,