Hey friends!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately! As most of you know we recently moved up to the country and things have been pretty crazy! You can see my previous post to get caught up. :) 

We have been in our home for about a month now. We closed and got straight to work. We haven't done any major updates, but we have painted a lot, landscaped, and made some curtains! Today i'm going to show you how I did it on a super budget! 

Curtains are expensive. I knew the look I wanted, but definitely did not have the funds to go to Pottery Barn to get it. My husband and I agreed to do cash-only home projects. There is NO need to go into debt for things like this, so let me introduce you to Drop Cloth curtains~

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Living Room

Living Room


What you'll need: {copy + paste link to see my sources}

-6x9 Drop Cloth panels from Lowes/Amazon/Home Depot 


-Clip Rings


-curtain rod:



1. Measure your windows. 

The 6x9 panels worked great for our windows. Since I like to hang the curtain rod closer to the ceiling, I need extra lengthy panels to create the drapery look. 

2. Wash, Bleach, and Iron

The tutorial I read didn't have the bleach option, but I wanted my panels a little lighter in color, so the bleach brightened them up a bit! Throw them in the dryer and then iron out any wrinkles before hanging.

3. Cut

This also wasn't in the original tutorial I read, but the panels in my opinion, were way too wide (and heavy) for certain windows. I cut the panels in half at the middle seam. This saved even more money since I was getting 2 panels from 1 drop cloth! For bigger spaces and larger windows, like our living room, I used the entire drop cloth for 1 panel. To add some detail, fold the top over for layered curtains. {see example in Living room set} 

4. Hang 'em up! 

I went for the no sew option. You could sew up the seams and edges making it look even more professional while also creating holes for real curtain rings, but instead I used the ones with clips! They make it so much easier AND the best part is, when the curtains get dog hair, sticky fingers, mud, etc..you can just un-clip and throw them in the washing machine! Kid-proof, dog-proof, LIFE proof curtains! 

Our Basement Entertainment Room {with Saturday morning cartoons. :) 

Our Basement Entertainment Room {with Saturday morning cartoons. :) 

I hope this was helpful and gave y'all some inspiration to make your own farmhouse curtains! Comment below with any questions! 

Shot with Love,

~Sarah <3