What to wear... 

So you've booked a Phototique session, yay! Now you are wondering what you are going to wear, where to shop, and what colors and styles are trending this year. 

Family Sessions... 

There is a HUGE difference in coordinating vs. matching. Coordinate your colors without matching.

Each and every person in your family is unique, so let their outfits express their individuality. If your daughter loves hats, let her wear a hat {I swear it's the cutest thing ever.}

Don't be afraid to mix up textures, patterns, and colors. Keep the colors in the same color family...{cool colors vs. warm colors} One thing I have learned: avoid fluorescent colors like yellow, lime green, etc. It causes a harsh reflection on your face. If you want to wear red, try a maroon. If you want to wear blue, go with a navy or teal shade. Easy ways to add textures; scarves and florals are a great choice for the girls. I also LOVE some denim. A denim/chambray shirt with a fur vest can be pure gold, {photo above.} Little boys always look adorable in bold stripes, and of course suspenders. Hats, vests, and even a simple bow tie can really add some dimension to your mans outfit. Most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable in. If you aren't used to wearing skinny jeans and stilettos, don't try it out for the first time. Chance's are, you won't feel confident in front of the camera, and it will show in the final images.

SIZING & Layering:

Wear an outfit that fits you/your child absolutely perfect. I realize that when most of us mamas shop for our kiddos, we size up, because we know they will out grow everything much too fast. If you are buying the perfect outfit specifically for your photography session, make sure it fits true to size, tailored, if you will. Same goes for Mom and Dad. Make sure whatever you decide to wear, it shows off your beautiful curves and compliments your shape. Layers! Layers add dimension and depth.

Portrait sessions...

Having head shots/portraits done is a great opportunity to express who you are through your style. Have fun with it, don't be afraid to pick out what YOU want to wear, not what Pinterest wants you to wear. My portrait sessions include 2 styles, so you can get the professional + contemporary shots you need for work, but then mix it up for the second style! 

Where to shop...

I know that most of us are on a budget. Especially since you are already spending a chunk of change on these photos, you probably want to find something in your closet. You will be surprised how grabbing a new tunic and putting it with an old pair of skinnies and boots could create an entire new look. You don't need an entire new wardrobe for photos, maybe just a new blouse. ;) 

Places that I shop the trending styles on a budget: $$$: price range

  • Target- You can find something for the entire family here. All of their clothing is trendy, affordable, and you can use the RED card. $
  • Nordstrom Rack- My favorite place to find deals on designer pieces. They carry all of the fancy stuff up to 70% off the department store price. {I'm calling out to all of my FreePeople gals} $$
  • Old Navy/Gap- Another affordable and fashionable choice. I actually look at the mannequins to get ideas of how to style pieces together. They have something for everyone, and much better quality than Target. $$
  • Free People + Anthropologie- These are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but you can find some truly unique pieces that will last a lifetime. $$$$

now announcing...colors!

Pantone Colours of Spring 2018, such a beautiful group! :)